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College Road Trip. Ambitious and confident Melanie Porter is eagerly looking forward to her first big step towards independence – a girls-only road trip to check out colleges. But this rite of passage takes a wrong turn when her overprotective father insists on escorting her instead, and Melanie's dream trip quickly turns into a.

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"The greatest college tradition of all time." Four friends take off on an 1800 mile road trip to retrieve an illicit tape mistakenly mailed to a girl friend.

Mar 7, 2008. College · Road Trip stars Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symone, Donny Osmond, and a pig. Want to guess which one gives the most convincing. performance? I'll give you a hint: it's the one who's chubby, fuzzy, and has a cute pink tail. That's right, Raven-Symone. I hated every minute of this train wreck.

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College Road Trip is a 2008 American family comedy film directed by Roger Kumble and starring Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symoné, Brenda Song, Margo Harshman, and Donny Osmond. The film centers on college-bound teen Melanie Porter (Raven-Symoné), who goes on a road trip to different colleges with her father.

Aug 21, 2008. At A time when most sensible people were at home admiring Sue Barker's astonishing wardrobe, with its seemingly endless supply of weird tops and cargo pants, I was sitting in a darkened room, squirming in agony throughout College Road Trip, a so-called family movie that would appeal to no family I.

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Sep 18, 2010. Handicapped by a story too advanced for its targeted G-suitable audience, College Road Trip fails to connect with its viewers and thus loses them in the beginning and makes them suffer through an otherwise boring and dull film. Melanie Porter is preparing for college. And though her overbearing father is.

College Road Trip Predictable, but produces a few laughs That’s so Raven Went College Shopping College Road Trip A Great Family Comedy

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An overprotective father takes his daughter on a road trip, in hopes of discouraging her from wanting to go to school far from home. James Porter is, like many fathers, overprotective and scared of the prospect of not being able to look out for his child. He wants his daughter, Melanie, to go to Northwestern, a terrific college.

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Jul 15, 2008. Melanie is eagerly looking forward to taking her first big step towards independence when she plans a "girls only" road trip to check out prospective. For more about College Road Trip and the College Road Trip Blu-ray release, see College Road Trip Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on July.

Mar 07, 2008  · National Lampoon’s College Road Trip See more » Filming Locations: Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA See more. 43 of 62 people found this review helpful.

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As family road trip movies go, Disney’s "College Road Trip" is a longer and more arduous journey than even "RV" or "Are We There Yet?"; On the other hand, those movies performed well at the boxoffice.

T he comedy is broad, the hi-jinks are outlandish, and the slap-stick is of the Lucille Ball variety in Disney’s G-rated film, “College Road Trip…

Oh, the mugging in this thing. You would not believe how many of the actors spend all their precious screentime contorting their face into extravagant comical positions, making sure every single audience member comprehends "College Road Trip" is supposed to be a silly movie. It’s nearly 3-D in.

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Come back, Ice Cube, all is forgiven. Actually, please don’t. I thought of the Cube only because the question repeating in my head as this "road trip" continued on its unhilarious course was: are we there yet? Lawrence plays a father so.

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College Road Trip is a 2008 film directed by Roger Kumble and starring Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symoné, Brenda Song, Margo Harshman and Donny Osmond. The American. 411 Mania gave it a final score of 7.5 out of 10 based on several reviews and managed to give it a positive DVD and film review. The film also.

Mar 4, 2008. While many older Collider readers might not know who Raven Symone is, trust me, she's a big deal. As the star the Disney Channel show “That's So Raven,” she has a huge following. Also, she's been acting since she was four years old (she played the youngest daughter on the “Cosby Show” during it's.

What else did a college kid need? I drove it for four years and put 120,000 miles on it while making a single unscheduled fix when the rear wheel bearings required a re-pack during a cross-country road trip. My Festiva was not a great car,

Mar 9, 2008. I should start by saying I understand that what I think is funny is probably different than what a ten-year-old kid thinks is funny. However, I'm going to base this review on the fact that parents have to go to these things, too. For an adult, College Road Trip, starring Raven Symone and comedian Martin.

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Editorial Reviews. By pooling the ticket-buying potential of their large fan bases, Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symoné ended up turning Disney's College Road Trip into a minor hit at the box office. There's some nice father-daughter stuff to savor in this comedy about a college-bound teen's need to assert her independence,

College Road Trip Theatrical Release: March 7, 2008 / Running Time: 83 Minutes / Rating: G Director: Roger Kumble / Writers: Emi.

College Road Trip Well Worth the Ride – Christian movie reviews and ratings that are family friendly.

College Road Trip Predictable, but produces a few laughs That’s so Raven Went College Shopping College Road Trip A Great Family Comedy

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‘College Road Trip’ parks on a BD-50 with a pristine 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 (2.40:1 aspect ratio) encode. Like most Disney/Buena Vista releases, this one is.

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Mar 6, 2008. College Road Trip' real focus is the treacherous, slippery ground of middle school girldom, where BFFs rule and even the coolest parents are a social liability.

College Road Trip. Directed by: Roger Kumble. Starring: Raven-Symoné, Martin Lawrence. Genres: Road Movie, Comedy, Family.

Dec 21, 2013  · A college movie starring Martin Lawrence? It’s gotta be a raunchy comedy, right? RIGHT?!

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The good news of College Road Trip is that it is very clean and shows the need for fathers to love their children enough to listen to them.

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"College Road Trip" is Disney’s attempt to put Martin Lawrence, usually associated with a more robust brand of comedy, in a family-friendly, G-rated picture. There’s a nice pro-education theme struggling to emerge from oceans of clumsy humor here, so let’s be generous and say the movie deserves about a C-minus.